Palestinian girl Palestinian girl in native dress

A Pilgrim's Notebook
by Andy Figueroa

St. George's Cathedral tower

St. George's
Cathedral tower

Pilgrimage to Israel & Palestine, St. George's College, March 1-15, 2000

1. Introduction, "Why pilgrimage, why Jerusalem?" 2. The Old City: the Armenian Quarter
3. Bethlehem, and Palestinian Liberation Theology Center 4. To Galilee, three days (long)
5. Yad Vashem, and Return to the Old City 6. Shrines of the monotheistic faiths
7. The Wilderness, Masada, the Dead Sea, Qumran 8. La Via Dolorosa, & the outskirts of Jerusalem
9. Dalia's House 10. The Road to Emmaus, Epilogue

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